Bastian Peter is a photographer, mask maker
and publisher living and working in Basel, Switzerland.

Art & Street Photographer, Independent Publisher

Growing up an early curiosity developed surrounding what lies beneath any facade.

Selbstportrait Bastian Peter, bastianpeter.com

Publishing & Writing

Bastian Peter delves into art & street photography, veganism, and future-tech with curiosity. Involved in the family-owned Larven Atelier Charivari and co-founder of the swissstreetcollective – The Street Fotografie Kollektiv of Switzerland, he also contributes to The Vegan Online Magazine. A supporter of animal rights organizations, Bastian seeks to articulate how veganism, animal rights, and blockchain technology could become the pillars of a brighter future. Along the way, he passionately embraces the alluring realms of art, knowledge, and open-hearted love, appreciating the freedom of an open lifestyle.

Art & Street Photography

Storytelling in many forms, especially photography and cinema, would fuel a passion for narrative and point of view. With a growing interest and a evolving eye, it feels natural for Bastian to explore a yet hidden side of Basel, Schweiz. Testing several different focal lenghts, Bastian is mostly drawn to 50mm. Self taught his work has been evolving into the use of colour and light as a vehicle for emotion and storytelling.

Publications and References

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