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Larven Atelier Charivari

Since 2008, Bastian Peter has been involved with the Larven Atelier Charivari, a family-owned business producing handmade Basler Fasnachtslarven since 1976. With a strong social media presence and an informative website,the atelier charivari is renowned for its Basler Künstlerlarven, catering to various clients and groups for the Carnival of Basel and its Fasnachtsveranstaltungen in Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft, and surrounding areas.

Logo von: Larven Atelier Charivari - Larvenmacher in Basel seit 1976
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Art & Street Photography

Bastian Peter is a street photographer trying to capture beauty and poetry of urban life in Switzerland. Mainly in Basel. Through his involvement in the swissstreetcollective, he supports and promotes the work of fellow photographers. His search for mood and ability to convey compelling stories through his lens set him on the journey of art and street photography. His work showcases his perspective on everyday moments, inviting viewers to appreciate the beauty in the ordinary.

Da kein Logo, ein Platzhalter für: Bastian Peter Street Fotografie
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Das Vegane Online Magazine

As publisher and occasional writer for The Vegan Online Magazine, Peter addresses issues like sustainability, animal rights, and environmental solutions. Launched in April 2023, the magazine features a community column for user-contributed articles, food blogs, and controversial societal topics.

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Co-founded by Bastian Peter, the swissstreetcollective is a community and collective focused on promoting Swiss street photography as a valued art form. By providing a platform for local street photographers to share their work, exchange ideas and collaborate, the collective aims to showcase diverse talents and unique perspectives captured through their lens, fostering a greater appreciation for street photography in Switzerland and beyond.

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Educa Consulting

Peter provides technical support and content administration for Educa Consulting, a firm dedicated to promoting sustainability, ethical business practices, and employee-friendly working conditions.

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Bastian Peter offers technical support and web development for Sprösslingsherzen, a non-profit organization promoting veganism and conscious living for families and children. Founded in 2021, the organization hosts events, trips, and vacations while providing resources and a supportive community for those adopting a plant-based lifestyle.

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