Human Kindness – The Animal Dilemma Documentary

A Dog looks up to a human hand, that reaches out to him on a green background.. Human Kindness - The Animal Dilemma, vegan documentary movie poster by Anja Glivar and Matej Glivar.

Anja and Matej Glivar are in production of their vegan and animal rights documentary film

Are you ready for a heartwarming and inspiring documentary movie that could change the world? Then don’t miss “Human Kindness – The Animal Dilemma”! In this captivating film, we accompany the dedicated couple Anja and Matej Glivar on their mission to improve the world for voiceless animals, themselves, and our planet.

A heartwarming journey full of discoveries

Anja, an animal rights activist and nurse from Switzerland, and Matej, a vegan activist from Slovenia, met and fell in love at an animal welfare workshop. The Human Kindness Film documents their endeavor to have a completely vegan wedding while organizing animal welfare actions and highlighting the global conflict many people still experience: Their love for animals is put to the test when they sit down to eat.

Watch the the teaser trailer to “Human Kindness – The Animal Dilemma” by Anja Glivar & Matej Glivar.

Anja and Matej Glivar: Animal Rights Activists on a Mission

Anja Glivar, born in 1996, is a dedicated animal rights activist from the canton of Solothurn in Switzerland. A trained nursing professional, she devotes her free time to advocating for the rights of animals. During her training, Anja became aware of the discrepancy between the teaching of ethics and human dignity and the absence of similar dignity or basic rights for animals.. This led her onto the path of activism.

Her husband, Matej Glivar, born in 1987, is an animal rights activist from Slovenia who has been living in Switzerland for two years. As a vegan, creative individual, and professional in the fields of marketing and video production, he shares Anja’s passion for animal rights and collaborates with her on various projects.

Anja Glivar dressed in a wedding dress and Matej Glivar respectively, holding dead animals to protest for animal rights, on their wedding day.
Iconic: Anja Glivar & Matej Glivar (Photo by Anja & Matej Glivar)

Together, Anja and Matej Glivar form a dynamic duo, tirelessly working to raise awareness of animal rights and bring about change in society. Their personal and professional development is shaped by their shared mission to be a voice for those who have none.

Human Kindness – The Animal Dilemma

Featuring exclusive interviews with vegan and non-vegan experts, farmers, influencers, vegan celebrities, and everyday animal lovers who experience this dilemma daily, “Human Kindness – The Animal Dilemma” takes us on an exciting journey full of solutions for a better future for all living beings on our planet.

Help Anja and Matej realize their vision

In addition to producing the film, Anja and Matej Glivar actively advocate for animal welfare. On their website, you will find a petition aimed at stopping subsidies for the animal industry and instead promoting plant-based and sustainable food production. This is because our tax dollars are currently being used to support an industry that inflicts enormous harm on animals, our planet, and our health.

Support the petition and the film

The petition is addressed to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) and calls for an end to subsidies for the animal industry and the allocation of funds for sustainable and animal-friendly food production. You can do your part by signing the petition on the “Human Kindness Film” website and sharing it with others.

Anja and Matej are collecting a total of 3,000 signatures by May 1, 2023, to submit them to the FAO – United Nations in Geneva and raise awareness of the issue. By signing the petition, you will be part of this historic movement and support the Glivars in making the world a better place for all living beings.

Let’s raise our voices together and make a difference!

Visit the official website to sign the petition and stay up to date on the latest developments surrounding the “Human Kindness Film” and the petition. Together, we can create a better future for us and the animals.

The “Human Kindness – The Animal Dilemma” Film: A Passionate Production

Anja and Matej Glivar are not only the main characters of the film but also the driving force behind its production. Both have strong ethical principles and are passionately committed to animal rights. Their shared mission has led them to create this film and bring attention to the issue of the animal industry.

“Human Kindness – The Animal Dilemma” is an independently funded film project currently seeking additional production resources, executive producers, film grants, and a suitable distribution partner whose values align with the story of the film. Half of the film has already been shot, and the remaining 50% will be completed after the conclusion of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on May 1, 2023.

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